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Paul Wilson confirms: Angela Price gave the Canadiens a hard time

Managing the attention the Habs receive internally can’t be easy. After all, given the club’s popularity, it’s clear that the attention surrounding the CH is enormous.

Paul Wilson, on BPM Sports this morning, referred to it as “the heat of the moment”. That’s pretty good.

Of course, there’s no denying that the rise of social networks in recent years has changed the game . Players have more platforms on which to communicate, which means that PR teams are casting a wider net.

Wilson, again in this morning’s radio interview with Maxime Lalonde, said that when he was in charge of communications for the Habs, he made sure to give directions to the players. That’s pretty standard procedure.

That said, it’s important to remember that players can still write whatever they want on Instagram. They are the masters of their accounts, but most of them manage to stay within the limit.

But sometimes, it’s the people around them who change the rules.

The case of Carey Price is striking in this respect. After all, while the player himself hardly posts anything on Instagram, it’s quite the opposite for his wife, Angela.

As you know, Angela Price doesn’t hesitate to post things that promote her values. She obviously has the right to do so, but as the wife of the CH’s #1 star, she knows she’s exposing herself.

By necessity, she attracted attention. Whether it was her political stance, the way she raised her children, or giving information about Carey (who didn’t), she attracted attention.

And inevitably, this had echoes at the CH. That’s what Paul Wilson, who has been replaced by Chantal Machabée, had to say.

Sometimes, Angela gave us a hard time. – Paul Wilson

It’s clear that in CH communications, there must have been times when Carey’s wife’s publications would generate a “we didn’t need that” reaction once in a while.

Since the goalie is still under contract with the CH and will be coming to town, it could happen again.

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