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As time goes by, Carey Price realizes that his knee is no longer NHL-calibre
This morning, Carey Price was in Brossard to officially become an ambassador for CFMoto Canada. He appeared before the media to present his brand-new project.

The man who loves “toys” of this kind spoke a little about his commitment to a company that shares his values.

Afterwards, a question period opened, and you’ll understand that the field hockey questions took over. It’s all well and good CFMoto, but Price is recognized as a Habs player.

The man who was present at yesterday’s golf tournament (but didn’t speak publicly) was therefore asked about his state of health. After all, the man who moved his family out West can no longer play because of his knee.

And the truth is, it’s not really getting any better.

It’s better in everyday life, where he can live a relatively normal life, but not when it’s time to test his knee a little. He realizes this when he puts his knee to the test.

It takes me two weeks to recover from a charity softball game. – Carey Price.

That’s one of the reasons he tells himself that no, his knee wouldn’t be able to withstand the rigors of an NHL schedule. Sure, he could play in the NHL, but only for one game. It would take him weeks to recover.

We agree that won’t happen, and that’s why he’s saying it loud and clear: don’t hold your breath on the subject.

He really wishes he could say otherwise because he misses playing in the NHL and is a member of the Habs at heart, but he has to listen to his knee in the end.

It’s a shame, but there you go.


– Carey Price says he’s open to working for the club one day. But he’s not there yet with his young family. My guess: we’ll see in 2026 whether he’ll have a more important role than the one he has now.

– If his contract has to be traded to another team one day, Price will accept. He wants to help the club any way he can. Why aren’t protocols in place? Honestly…

– When you listen to him talk about Samuel Montembeault, you can tell he’s confident the Quebecer will develop well.

– Asked about the Hall of Fame, Price said it would be a huge honour for him, but that he’s not the one to decide. A classic answer, then.

– Is Price in an existential crisis: he doesn’t know what he is anymore?

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