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Newly arrived Mike Babcock (already) disrespects his Blue Jackets players
Credit: He's confident! (Screenshot/Youtube)
The Columbus Blue Jackets deserve to lose field hockey games.

I’m not saying that for the players themselves, who are a fine bunch. I’m saying it for the management, who decided to entrust their promising young club to an old dinosaur.

To begin with, I don’t understand why the Jackets hired Mike Babcock. There are so many good coaches who are able to communicate with young players and keep up with the times, but the former Leafs bully was still chosen.

Being Patrick Roy, a winner of two Memorial Cup titles in two different eras and a winner like few others, I’d probably take it a bit personal.

Anyway. All that to say, his players hated playing for him (many have stood up publicly to say so) and he still found a way to return to the NHL after collecting his entire paycheck from the Maple Leafs.

And now, based on the fact that the former tyrant hadn’t even read any self-improvement books, the Jackets figured that the man who destroyed Mitch Marner when he first arrived in the NHL was ready to get back to work.

Mike Babcock, whom the NHL recently tried to defend with an obvious PR job, is already in hot water. Yes, yes: he’s already in trouble.

According to what the guys at Spittin’ Chiclets reported, Boone Jenner was called into his coach’s office, who asked him to show him the photos in his cell phone. He wanted to see “what kind of person the captain is” via his photos.

The podcast tweet also mentions that this happened to several guys and that the whole thing was broadcast on his office TV.

And this isn’t just an allegation in the air: it’s being taken seriously. The Blue Jackets have been contacted by reporter Aaron Portzline of The Athletic, and they’re going to investigate the whole thing. Babcock and Jenner have not responded.

I understand that a coach wants to get to know his players better, and that’s normal. But there are ways of doing things, which he doesn’t really seem to understand.

If my boss asked me to show him what was in my cell, I’d be pretty upset… even if I had nothing to hide. It’s a simple question of respect.

And that’s no surprise: he’s never understood anything about respect for human beings. This isn’t his first such situation – but it is his first time in Columbus…. before the camp started.

You’ve got to do it.

I sincerely wonder how he’ll manage to get the respect of his boys in Columbus. After all, if I’m a Jackets player, I arrive with a bad image in my head.

John Tortorella(who isn’t as white as snow)… Mike Babcock… what’s the Jackets’ plan, honestly?

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