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Rumour corner: Tomas Tatar in the East?

Tomas Tatar’s name is still a buzzword in Montreal following his years with the Sainte-Flanelle. He has just spent the last two campaigns with the New Jersey Devils, where he scored 78 points, including 20 goals.

True to his NHL roots, he was quiet in the playoffs, registering just one point in 12 games.

I’m sure that’s what cut the ties between the New York team and the Slovak’s clan. Before the playoffs began, I expected him to sign with the Devils, but the spring waltz changed everything.

Since then, he’s had no takers, but recently made an important decision. As Elliotte Friedman reports, he recently changed agents. In the same vein, the Sportsnet journalist mentioned that it looks like Tatar will end up with an Eastern team.

It would be a great opportunity to get back on track, although I find it hard to believe that he hasn’t found a buyer. His inability to score in the playoffs is certainly a problem, but he could be a great addition to any team aspiring to the playoffs.

Tyler Myers traded?

In Vancouver, apart from Quinn Hughes who has just become team captain, things are pretty quiet. Things could get interesting if Tyler Myers were to become a bargaining chip in a potential transaction.

Reporter Travis Jost reminded us that his current contract, which expires in 2024, is mostly paid for by bonuses. With the last of Myers’ contract now paid off, there would only be $1 million in real money left for the defenseman.

Jost mentions that his contract could be interesting for teams who want to reach the salary floor, while saving money.

Clearly, Myers could benefit from a new opportunity, as he has never been able to meet NHL expectations.

Gabriel Landeskog back for the 2024 series?

The Avalanche greatly missed Gabriel Landeskog last season, when the team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

While the players, including Cale Makar, admitted that the extended break benefited them in order to better prepare for next season, Landeskog’s unexpected reinforcement could come in time for the playoffs.

According to Colorado general manager Chris MacFarland, you wouldn’t bet against the Swedish player for the playoffs. He mentions that his rehabilitation is going very well and that anything is still possible.

One thing is certain, Landeskog is extremely courageous and resilient. After winning the Stanley Cup, he might have been content with an early retirement, but he has every intention of sticking around.

In a gust

– It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

– So sad.

– Crucial series.

– It’s still not settled.

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