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In particular, Juraj Slafkovsky advised David Reinbacher not to listen to anyone.
The good thing about the 2023 Canadiens is that most of the players arrived in Montreal sooner than expected.

While many spent the summer in the city, others brought their arrival forward to take advantage of the facilities in Brossard, but also to train with the other boys in the organization.

You’ll notice I said the organization, not the team. Why did I say the organization and not the team? Because a number of promising players were also on hand to train with the veterans.

In all, management estimates that around 40 guys took advantage of the CN Complex last week. And that’s not mandatory, because the camp hasn’t started (yet). #ImplantingACulture

The result? The guys have time to get to know each other. And of the lot, Juraj Slafkovsky and David Reinbacher had a little chat.

Even though we know the two youngsters won’t be playing together this year(Reinbacher will be going to Switzerland and Slaf will be staying in Montreal), they still took the time to get to know each other.

As top draft picks, they are well aware that they will play a key role in the Montreal Canadiens’ revival process over the next few years.

And Slaf, as the “veteran” of the group, gave him some advice.

The oldest’s advice to the youngest on how to cope with the pressure of Montreal is to stay calm, trust yourself and don’t listen to anyone. Do your own thing and you’ll be fine,” said the Slovak to the Austrian.

What do you think?

There’s a good part of me that agrees with some of what Slaf has to say. That said, it’s not out of context to point out that Reinbacher was advised not to listen to anyone.

I realize we’re not talking about ignoring the advice of the coaching staff, and we’re talking about popular pressure, but it’s still bad advice in my eyes.

After all, fans aren’t all bad, and Reinbacher can get some love from Habs fans. Depriving yourself of that love is not part of the Montreal experience.

I understand that you have to trust yourself, but at 18 or 19, it’s impossible to be a rocket scientist. At 35, 50 or 75 either, for that matter.

In bursts

– Ah well.

– Another big name at Taverne Hockey.

– It’s not going well for him.

– No problem.

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