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Logan Mailloux: a formality to see him accepted into the NHL

In recent weeks, the Habs have seen Logan Mailloux meet with Gary Bettman to see if he wants a place in the NHL. With what he’s done, it’s a condition for hope.

The feedback we got was that the meeting had been productive.

We also learned that the CH had been given the green light to play him before learning otherwise. So we didn’t know if it was official… although we did expect him to be told that yes, he could play on the Bettman circuit.

The question was put to Jeff Gorton this morning.

The VP, who doesn’t want to talk playoffs for his team, said the meeting had been productive with the NHL and that Mailloux would probably get the green light when he makes the NHL.

Basically, we understand that when the CH wants to make room for him, Gary Bettman will give his OK.

This isn’t a huge surprise, since everything points to Mailloux getting the OK. I don’t think that if the CH felt that Mailloux couldn’t get the OK, they would have put so much emphasis on him.

It would be unfair, three years later, to punish him again. In my opinion, he’s served his time.

It should also be noted that Habs GM Kent Hughes said that all players except potentially Christian Dvorak would be able to start the season on time.

Does that include Mailloux? Or was he just talking about health? Good question.


Rumours that Chris Wideman won’t be able to start the year surfaced over the summer. If Sion is to believe the GM’s words, he should attend camp.

To be continued.

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