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Jeff Gorton refuses to talk about the P-word

The Canadiens are holding their golf tournament this morning. Among other things, we learned that Mike Matheson will be wearing an “A” on his jersey this season, replacing Joel Edmundson.

That’s a good thing.

It’s a chance to meet everyone and get people talking who haven’t had a microphone under their nose for a long time. And of the lot? Club VP Jeff Gorton.

We’ve seen him from time to time, as in the behind-the-scenes video of the Canadiens, but not to answer journalists’ questions.

Obviously, we couldn’t expect the VP of the Habs to spill his guts in an interview. We shouldn’t have expected him to set expectations too high (much to some people’s chagrin), and that’s exactly what he did when he talked about the fact that the CH is not a finished product.

He’s right, we agree.

This will possibly be the first real proof of what Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes’ club can achieve. And while expectations are higher this year, they’re not considerably higher.

Why not? Because the VP doesn’t want to talk about the playoffs, the “P-word” for this year.

He said that his club was going to have to progress, that the youngsters were going to have to take the NHL beat and that their progression was going to be important for what happens next with the Habs. #Growth

So this is nothing new, and Geoff Molson, his boss, is behind the plan.

I don’t see how he could have said anything else, because it would have set too high expectations for a club that isn’t up to the task of making the playoffs. It’s pretty much the same club as last year.

If the guys stay healthy, that’ll help… but it’s not a finished product, as Gorton said. Ultimately, it’s safe to assume that the CH will finish the year the way it started it: by playing golf.


– Jeff Gorton also said that Logan Mailloux will have a verdict when he’s ready to play in the NHL.

– The VP liked to see the guys training together in the last few days or this summer.

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