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Jonathan Drouin already training with the Avalanche’s big stars
When Jonathan Drouin became an independent player on July 1, we suspected that the Colorado Avalanche would be one to watch. The reason was simple enough: Drouin had been the rainmaker with Nathan MacKinnon for the Mooseheads and, at a low price, trying to recreate that chemistry was an interesting gamble.

As it happens, Drouin came to an agreement with the Avalanche. He had better offers on the table, but the idea of reuniting with his good friend was too tempting.

The question now was whether Jared Bednar would give him the chance to earn his place on the first line. His last few seasons weren’t necessarily in his favor, but Drouin has a natural chemistry with MacKinnon, in the end.

And while it’s far from set in stone, Drouin spends most of his training time with MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen, Denver’s two best forwards.

Clearly, we can expect him to get his chance to prove himself with them.

It’s time to change, of course, but Drouin must appreciate the chance to train alongside the club’s two big offensive stars. It’s a lot better than what he had in Montreal,anyway…

And clearly, what we’ve noticed over the past few days is that the former CH player is always spending his time on the ice with MacKinnon. In fact, they’re so often together thatpeople in Colorado are beginning to wonder if the two guys are “attached“.

Because once again today, the two took advantage of their free time at practice to work together. This time, it was in passing and shooting.

It’s really good news to see Drouin get such a great opportunity with the Avalanche. I don’t know how it will play out over the course of the season, but for now, he’s getting a golden opportunity and he seems intent on keeping it.

Now it’s up to him to prove that he deserves his place alongside MacKinnon and Rantanen on the first trio.

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