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Carey Price: a message of support for an Aboriginal woman suffering from cancer

In Montreal, Carey Price is a beloved man. He’s not necessarily universally loved, but you only have to look at the reaction of the fans at the Bell Centre when Price is introduced to the crowd to understand that he has left his mark on an entire generation of fans.

He hasn’t played in (almost) two calendar years, and yet he’s still possibly the team’s best-known player. It’s crazy.

In addition to being an excellent goaltender on the ice, Price never hesitates to take time out of his day to help people in need. Anderson Whitehead comes to mind, the young boy he surprised at the 2019 NHL Awards, but that’s just one example.

And even though he no longer plays (and lives in British Columbia), Price continues to make time for the people of Quebec: in the last few days, he sent a video with a message of support for a native Quebecer from the Côte-Nord region, Denise Vollant.

She is unfortunately suffering from cancer, and her dream was to receive a message from #31. The latter got wind of the story and made sure to send her one, as reported by TVA.

In the video, we hear Price say a few words in French, as he tells her he’s “thinking of her”. I’m sure the lady appreciated the effort, as she seemed genuinely touched by the goalie’s message.

The guard, who has aboriginal roots and has never been afraid to assert his pride in them, had also made a similar gesture in the past for another aboriginal woman suffering from cancer: he had gone to meet her to try and put a little sunshine into her day.

It’s great to see him get involved in causes like this: it takes almost no time at all to send out a message like this, and in the end, it has a huge impact that’s very tangible. Hats off to him for doing it, really.

In short, a fine gesture on the part of the goalkeeper, who continues to think of Quebec even if he’s only there (very) part-time now. And we really hope that his message will give the lady a little strength in her fight against illness.

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