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David Reinbacher may play just one pre-season game

The Montreal Canadiens’ official training camp gets underway in just a few days.

For the occasion, we’ll have the chance to spy David Reinbacher, the fifth pick of the last draft… And of course, everyone’s eager to see how he’ll perform against NHL players.

I’m curious to see what he’ll bring to his game to compete against the best in the world. It’ll be a great experience for him… But that said, let’s not expect him to start the year with the CH because he’s handsome and because he’s sharp.

He’ll be going back to Europe to fine-tune his development, and although there’s been talk of him playing a few games in preparation, that’s not likely to happen.

From what we understand from Jeff Gorton’s words, he could only play one game (if he has a good camp, of course) in the pre-season before returning to Switzerland:

Of course, Gorton and Kent Hughes are keeping their options open for any possible scenario, and that’s only natural.

They need to explore every possible avenue for the young man, with the obvious aim of seeing him progress and improve on the ice. It’s only logical, and they have to make a decision that’s favourable to his development.

All in all, the “news” comes as a bit of a surprise. I really would have expected him to be allowed to play at least a few preseason games, but I still respect the organization’s plan.

I do, however, expect him to be used a lot at the rookie tournament and during camp practices. Because, basically, the Habs need to be able to evaluate him right now to see if there’s already some progress.

Earlier this summer, at the development camp, Reinbacher did well, and the organization was satisfied with what it saw from him. All that remains now is to see if the same message will be heard in a few weeks’ time.

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