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Brendan Gallagher “is the real captain” of the CH in Stéphane Waite’s eyes
Credit: He could play as early as Thursday evening.

If there’s one thing we know about Brendan Gallagher, it’s that he never gives up.

He’s definitely one of the NHL’s most combative players, and sets an example with his intensity on the ice. These reasons made him a good candidate when the Montreal Canadiens had to choose a captain last summer…

A role that ultimately went to Nick Suzuki.

Many would have liked to see Gally as the club’s undisputed leader, because since his NHL debut, he’s done everything in his power to help the Habs. That’s why Stéphane Waite says he’s “the real captain” of the club…

And as Marc Dumont put it in a recent tweet, such comments are a tad disrespectful to Suzuki, who has fulfilled his role to perfection to date.

After all, it’s hard to fault the current Flanelle captain.

Suzuki played every game for the CH last season, and this morning he confided that he played injured. Even so, he insisted on being in uniform to set an example for others, and that’s something to be proud of.

It wasn’t easy last year. The club was losing regularly, and when that happens, the mood in the dressing room often takes a hit. That never seemed to be the case in 22-23… Even though the guys kept saying that the chemistry was there and that they liked being around each other.

Suzuki may not be the most vocal guy around… but that doesn’t make him a bad captain. Remember when Shea Weber wore the “C” on his jersey in Montreal? We often heard the same thing… And in the end, Weber was so respected in the room that it didn’t show.


The purpose of this article is not to throw Brendan Gallagher (who thinks he can score 30 goals this year if he’s healthy) under the bus, of course. That said… Stéphane Waite’s comments are a little disturbing in the sense that, once again… Suzuki is doing things the right way, even if he is young.

If he’s a good captain right now, imagine what he’ll be like in four or five years’ time… that is, when he’s fully mature.

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