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Eric Engels sees Kirby Dach start the season at center

Finally, thank goodness, there’s only one weekend left before Montreal Canadiens field hockey is officially back.

Indeed, for true CH fans who are fans of the team from Cole Caufield to Daniil Sobolev (I picked one of the most random CH prospects possible), well, the season starts again this week when rookie camp opens on September 13.

On Monday, we’ll be treated to the classic Habs golf tournament, which is always very interesting to watch.

Last year, we learned at this tournament that Nick Suzuki was the team’s new captain.

In short, field hockey is almost back, and we’ll finally have some answers to our countless questions.

One of the questions in the run-up to the start of the season is who will be the centre-halves behind Nick Suzuki.

Because yes, after Suzuki, there are several options for Martin St-Louis.

One of those options is Kirby Dach.

Dach is clearly an attractive option, given that the basic idea is always to develop a player as a dominant center rather than a dominant winger.

So, logically, placing Dach at the center of the second trio behind Nick Suzuki is the most logical and interesting option for the CH.

This is also the opinion of Eric Engels, who sees Dach starting the season at center.

Dach finished last season very well, despite his injuries while playing in the center.

He had gained a lot of confidence over the course of the season, and it showed in the way he handled himself on the ice.

The CH’s number 77 was a sight to behold, especially as he had improved in the face-off circle, one of the elements that made his candidacy as a center more uncertain.

Even so, while many believe that Dach will start the season at center, I still think that putting him on the first line on Nick Suzuki’s wing with Cole Caufield is a very interesting option.


Because that’s where Dach shone the brightest last season, and where he earned his confidence.

Indeed, after a disappointing start to the season, Dach was removed from the center position and placed on the wing of the first trio.

The rest is history: Dach complemented Suzuki and Caufield perfectly, becoming one of the reasons why the two CH stars were producing so much.

When Dach was removed from the first trio, Suzuki and Caufield continued to produce, albeit at a slower pace.

In short, I don’t think there are any bad chairs for Dach to start the season, but, unlike Eric Engels, I’m still leaning towards the option of seeing him accompanied by Suzuki and Caufield, if only for a few curtain-raiser games so that number 77 retains his fine confidence.

Getting back to Eric Engels, the question about Dach wasn’t the only one he answered.

Indeed, while waiting for his plane to take off, the CH analyst decided to do a Q&A (questions and answers).

Among other questions, Engels stated that Cole Caufield could very well receive an A on his jersey if it isn’t given to David Savard.

Engels also stated that Sean Monahan would not be used to increase his value on the trade market ahead of the deadline.

Rather, he believes that Monahan will be used in a reasonable way, based on what he’s capable of giving the CH, given his injury history.

And finally, if there’s one prospect Engels wouldn’t be surprised to see push hard for a spot with the CH, it’s Owen Beck.

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– Of course that’s their plan.

– Coming up.

– Let’s see if he can help the Bruins perform.

– The NFL is really back!

– Too bad.

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