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Casey DeSmith: Eric Engels doesn’t think he’ll start the year in Montreal

It’s been over a month since the Canadiens acquired Casey DeSmith. He came to Montreal as part of the Erik Karlsson deal, along with Jeff Petry, Nathan Légaré and a second-round pick.

At the same time, the CH got rid of Mike Hoffman and Rem Pitlick. The former no longer belonged in the city, and the latter wanted out.

Petry has since left for Detroit, but DeSmith is still a member of the organization. The goaltender, who was feeling anxious about his situation because his wife was pregnant, must continue to be patient.

However, according to Eric Engels, the chances are still good that he will be traded before the start of the season. In his eyes, it’s a much more logical scenario than seeing a ménage à trois in front of the Tricolore net.

And since Kent Hughes has made it clear that DeSmith isn’t going to Laval, a trade is the most logical option.

It’s not necessarily a surprise that DeSmith hasn’t yet been passed on to another team. We know that the goaltending market is slow (Kent Hughes mentioned it recently), and as long as clubs don’t have a goaltender on the roster, a stopper like the former Penguin won’t necessarily be in demand.

On the other hand, we agree that things can change pretty quickly. And in fact, yesterday may have accelerated things.

Yesterday, the NHL’s GMs and coaches were all gathered in Chicago. The primary objective was to be present for an update, but that may not have stopped the GMs from feeling out the situation. It’s easier to talk to your counterparts when they’re all together in person, as Renaud Lavoie mentioned yesterday on BPM Sports.

Of course, that doesn’t mean DeSmith can start packing his bags just yet, but if another GM has mentioned to his counterparts that one of his goalies is in bad shape, it can at least start some discussions.

Think back to last year, for example, when the Golden Knights acquired Adin Hill after Robin Lehner’s injury was announced. It turned out to be quite a win-win for them in the end, and while DeSmith may not win the Stanley Cup, the process behind any potential deal involving him is likely to be similar.

The CH is clearly not the only team willing to trade a goaltender, that said, but the fact remains that it can open up channels of communication. And since they’ve been at a standstill for weeks, it can only get better.

In short, we’ll see if the action picks up a bit, but like Engels, I still have the impression that DeSmith will end up being traded within a month. The question is, where will he go next?

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