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Brendan Gallagher must get back to what got him to the NHL
What to do with Brendan Gallagher?

Over the years, he’s always been a crowd favorite. Beyond his goals, it’s his fire around the net and his heart that have charmed fans.

With his style of play and injuries, he was destined to slow down, and that’s exactly what’s happened in recent years. He seems out of breath after 30-45 seconds on the ice.

History repeats itself at the start of each season when Gallagher seems to find his wings, but it doesn’t last. Despite what his personal coach Tim Turk thinks, I don’t believe he’ll become a 20-goal player in the NHL.

The best chair for him remains until proven otherwise the right of the third trio, something that may not make him happy. I’m more interested in his style of play.

Over the years, various coaches have tried to change his approach so that he learns to protect himself. He’s lost his pest-like quality as he moves further and further away from the front of the net.

That’s where the majority of goals are scored in the NHL. The best way for him to be useful to the CH is to get back to what he did best. And that doesn’t mean playing 100% pest, but bothering the opposing goalie with consistency. If he does that, I have a good feeling he’ll be able to get some comebacks.

He has the physical strength to win his one-on-one duels in front of the net and at least become a nuisance for opposing goalies.

Clearly, his past injuries have made him and his coaches more insecure, but he’s practically out of options. His shooting is far from elite, and he’s not known for his game intelligence either.

It’s dangerous to go back to what gave him success in his NHL debut, but does he have a choice? That’s the question Gallagher and Martin St-Louis must answer.

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