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Shane Wright would be allowed to play in the AHL if he doesn’t break into the Kraken lineup

A few weeks ago, the possibility of Shane Wright receiving an exemption from the Canadian Hockey League to play in the AHL was raised by a journalist who covers the Kraken’s activities, John Barr.

Barr spoke of the Kraken general manager’s desire to see Wright play for the Coachella Valley Firebirds. He believes it would be good for his development to see him evolve at this level.

We hadn’t heard much about this issue since then, but as training camps get underway, Elliotte Friedman mentioned that, according to what he’s heard, if Shane Wright doesn’t make the cut with the Kraken, he could report to the AHL. By the same token, there would be an agreement in place for this to happen.

No longer in the wishful thinking stages, Ron Francis would have succeeded in his mission.

It’s worth remembering that the original rule preventing players in situations similar to Wright’s from playing in the AHL was introduced to ensure that the stands were filled in the junior circuits. By depriving ourselves of star players, it becomes harder to attract people to the arenas.

When I read news like this, I tell myself that it wouldn’t do to give many other teams ideas about getting along with the Canadian league. Wright was originally ineligible.

Yes, it was only a few games that would have made the difference in his case, but still, the rules are there for a reason and it can open a can of worms.

Owen Beck, who only talks about Montreal in his press conferences, will have to return to the OHL if he doesn’t break into the CH line-up. He too has a lot of experience in the junior league, and there would be a case for trying to send him to Laval. I’m not saying it’ll happen, but it could give teams ideas.

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