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Alex Newhook has what it takes to be a top-6 producer
When the deal to send Alex Newhook to Montreal was finalized, CH fans had mixed feelings.

We were happy with the addition of a talented young player, but still felt that two high draft picks were a high price to pay.

Indeed, parting with a first-round pick (which yielded Mikhail Gulyayev) and a second-round pick (which yielded Ethan Gauthier) is a lot, and let’s just say that Newhook will need to prove Kent Hughes right.

Especially since Colorado sees Newhook’s departure as an excellent transaction.

Nobody’s crying over his departure there, let’s say.

So it’s clear now that Newhook will have to stand up in Montreal and show that the deal was worth it, much like Kirby Dach did last season.

However, like many CH fans, I’m not convinced that Newhook will succeed in following in Dach’s footsteps.

I don’t see Newhook blossoming like Dach did in Montreal.

However, according to Greg Cronin, Newhook’s former AHL coach and now head coach of the Anaheim Ducks, the opposite is true.

Indeed, in this excellent article by Anthony Martineau, we can read what Cronin has to say about Newhook, and let’s just say it’s very encouraging.

First of all, for Cronin, it’s clear that Newhook has what it takes to produce on a top-6 NHL team. He’s a very talented player with great offensive ability, as he’s shown at every level he’s played at.

In fact, Cronin was the last coach to see Newhook produce at a rate of at least one point per game, when he was with the Colorado Eagles in the AHL.

“I really think he has what it takes to produce on an NHL top-6. He’s got a lot of talent! Look at how far he’s come. He’s always been a very productive guy. Offensive ability doesn’t just disappear. Ultimately, it’s up to the coach to put his player in the best position to shine.” – Greg Cronin

For Cronin, all that’s needed is for Newhook to be placed with players with the same style as him, i.e. players with speed and quick execution, for everything to work.

And with Martin St-Louis as coach, we can rest assured that Newhook will have all the best provisions in place to shine.

That’s what Cronin believes.

“Martin went through a lot before finally establishing himself as one of the best players in the NHL. If he opens up like that, he can have a big impact on Alex.”
– Greg Cronin

Cronin also adds that Newhook is a team player and, above all, easy to coach.

The chemistry should therefore work with St-Louis.

In short, for Cronin, with the impact of MSL, Newhook’s natural offensive talent, and an important role within the team (something he had none of in Colorado), the CH’s new acquisition will have everything in place to blossom and show that he belongs in a top-6 NHL.

Even more so if he’s placed at center, according to Cronin.

The problem in this case, unfortunately, is that there’s a lot of competition at that position, especially if Kirby Dach starts the season at center.

In short, let’s hope that even if he’s on the wing, Newhook will be able to reach his full potential.

To find out more, here’s the excellent report on Anthony Martineau’s interview with Greg Cronin, head coach of the Anaheim Ducks.

Cronin was very generous with his answers.

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