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Wagering: odds of 2.40 for Drouin to score more points than Dach and Lafrenière
Jonathan Drouin has left the Canadiens in search of a fresh start.

He has agreed to the terms of a one-season contract with the Avalanche, which also allows him to join his old friend Nathan MacKinnon.

The two chums were spotted on the ice this morning in Colorado, practicing their backhand passes and on-ice shots.

Clearly, MacKinnon and Drouin want to recapture the exceptional chemistry they had in Halifax, when they played for the Mooseheads:

I don’t know if Jared Bednar’s plan is to reunite them at the start of the season, but everyone will agree that the idea makes sense.

The experiment is worth trying… And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

That said, by doing things the right way, Drouin can really revive his career. No, the last few years haven’t been easy for him in Montreal, and everyone knows it. Even he knows it.

All in all, it’s hard to predict his offensive production for next season, because we don’t know how he’ll adapt to his new club’s style of play. If he’s used in the right way, I don’t see why he’ll have a difficult season in terms of points, because Colorado has talented players.

At this level, on the Mise-o-jeuwebsite… Sports betting fans can bet on him finishing the season with more points than Kirby Dach and Alexis Lafrenière.

The odds are 2.40 :

Does that mean Drouin “is better” than the other two players named above?

Of course not, because it’s not the points that lead to a conclusion like this.

But the 2.40 rating is intriguing nonetheless. Drouin has the potential to collect (at least) 50 points if he plays on the Avalanche’s talented powerplay, and if he’s paired with MacKinnon and the chemistry kicks in, the points will start piling up all by themselves.

In the end, it depends on how Lafrenière is used in New York… And it depends on how Kirby Dach progresses in Montreal.

I’ve never made a bet in my life, and I don’t intend to either. But, if I had an old $2 to put down… I don’t think I’d hesitate before jumping on odds like that, especially given Drouin’s new entourage with the Avalanche.

In gusts

– He’s become my favorite player.

– You can tell the guys love what they do.

– It’s fast approaching!

– He’s one of a kind.

– Plus… His club lost 81-7. We’re doing great!

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