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Jordan Harris: his best value is not in Montreal

If I told you about a flamboyant defenseman on the ice, a defenseman with crowd-pleasing qualities… you might not think of Jordan Harris.

But if I’m talking about a defenseman who does his job the right way, a reliable defenseman who any NHL club can count on… You might think of Harris.

The young man is entering his second full NHL season, and there’s one question that often comes up when we talk about him.

“Is his future in Montreal?”

After all, the Habs have some good left-handed defensemen lined up for the next few years. Mike Matheson, Lane Hutson and Kaiden Guhle are seen as interesting pieces for the future…

And I’m not even talking about Arber Xhekaj.

That said, we’re not asking because Harris is rotten, and we’re not asking because he doesn’t have the talent of an NHL player. It’s mainly because of the congestion on defense that we’re discussing this situation…

And that, somehow, suggests that his value is higher elsewhere than in Montreal. His defensive prowess and the fact that he’s in charge makes him an interesting player for any NHL team, as Eric Engels explained duringa recent appearance on Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast.

Knowing this, should Kent Hughes try to store him around?

If there is a deal, I’d like to see Kent Hughes include it in a “package” to go after another impact player. I talked about this in a recent text, but the CH needs to acquire another natural goal scorer…

Because it’s all very well to send him elsewhere… But the CH GM shouldn’t give him away either. Harris has great value on the market, and Hughes must do everything in his power to get the maximum in return for his services.

There’s been a lot of talk this summer about the club’s defensive line-up for the first game of the season in Toronto, because the guys will have to win their positions at training camp.

While Guhle, Matheson and Savard are (already) guaranteed a spot in the line-up, Xhekaj, Harris, Kovacevic, Barron and Lindström will have to impress in camp to earn their place. It’s getting crowded at Mass…

And Harris, like any other defenceman his age who wants to progress, needs to get the playing time he needs to do so. But it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in Montreal, and that’s exactly why the idea of trading him has been discussed and re-discussed for several months.

All in all, it’s going to be an interesting story to follow over the coming weeks and months. Because as we all know, in the NHL, anything can happen pretty quickly.

In gusto

– Good luck!

– Hole in one for Kirby Dach!

– That’s cool, hearing things like that.

– A salary of around $9M per season is reasonable in my eyes.

– Well done, champ.

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