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A protester sticks his feet to the ground during a US Open semi-final

A group of protesters interrupted the US Open semi-final between Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova. Three people wearing “End Fossil Fuels” shirts began shouting to disrupt the match.

The match was delayed for nearly 45 minutes.

The craziest part was that one of the protesters stuck his feet to the ground. Yes, he glued his feet to the ground… with glue!

The New York Police Department was quickly called to the scene and escorted the protesters out of the stadium. The man stuck to the ground stayed in place longer than the others (obviously), but his feet were eventually unstuck and he too was escorted out of the stadium.

One of the protesters was seen outside the stadium after the incident. Around 12 police officers were surrounding him!

The event generated a lot of reaction on social networks. In fact, the vast majority of people are frustrated, and rightly so! It’s fine to demonstrate for a cause you care about, but to do it at the US Open, I don’t understand the point.

They looked crazy, that’s for sure. And let me bet they’ll be in a little trouble with the law in the next few days.

People paid to watch the game at the stadium and others paid to watch it on TV. These people don’t deserve all the trouble, least of all the players, who are fighting for a place in the final of one of the biggest tournaments in the world.

In gusto

– First touchdown of the season.

– We can’t wait!

– This is strong.

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