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Louis T: a joke about TVA Sports and PKP cost him a contract

In the Quebec media landscape, the Québecor group is a major player. Whether with TVA, LCN, Le Journal de Montréal, TVA Sports or their many other networks, Québecor is taking up space.

There arered flags, of course, but the group has still managed to impose itself at such a high level. It’s worth noting.

That said, with so many tentacles, it’s easy enough to find yourself locked out of several of their branches at the slightest hitch with one of them. Just ask comedian Louis T, who was a contributor to TVA’s “Le monde à l’envers” last winter.

The comedian was present on the show towards the beginning of the season, but from mid-February onwards, he was nowhere to be seen. He mysteriously disappeared into silence.

During his appearance on Dans les médias (Télé-Québec), Louis T revealed the reasons for his departure: it was a joke about PKP and TVA Sports that cost him his contract.

Basically, following the announcement of major layoffs at TVA Sports in mid-February, the comedian had made a joke in connection with PKP’s comments, which informally blamed Radio-Canada for the cuts.

So he took the opportunity to laugh a little at his reaction, while making it clear that he wasn’t laughing at the layoffs, something he wouldn’t dare do. By the way, the publication is still online.

He then received a call from Quebecor who made it clear that he had offended people. He was put “on ice”… and not seen again all season.

I don’t know about you, but I find the reaction a bit drastic considering the facts he was accused of. Had he been an important face at Quebecor, the reality would have been different, but we’re talking here about a contributor to a talk show.

You know debates, that thing where everyone expresses their point of view in order to stir up ideas (and, ideally, with respect for the other’s point of view)? Clearly, Louis T’s point of view wasn’t really respected on this one.

I can understand that some people at Quebecor didn’t necessarily appreciate it, but was it necessary to take away his contract? You tell me.

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