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Forget trading him: the CH will need Josh Anderson this season
There has been much, much talk about the possibility of trading Josh Anderson in the past year in Montreal.

The reason is simple: the Habs are building their future, and the power forward’s value is high. Kent Hughes could have liquidated him to swell his bank of picks and prospects at the last trade deadline, but he decided to keep him.

The situation is a little different today… And I say that because the CH division is tougher than ever.

The Leafs have added Ryan Reaves, Max Domi and Tyler Bertuzzi…

In Ottawa, Bokondji Imama and Zack MacEwen have joined the Sens…

Milan Lucic returns to Boston…

It’s going to be a bumpy ride in the Atlantic. And the Habs will need Anderson’s physical play to earn respect, otherwise the big boys from the other clubs will have a field day with the CH’s small forwards.

Anderson is seen by many as a guy with a bad contract in Montreal… But as Stu Cowan explained on the “Sick Podcast”, Anderson has what it takes to help the Habs, and if he plays like he did in the 2021 series, he’ll be useful to the club :

Josh Anderson is a guy who plays mostly “North-South” and everyone will agree that he has limited skills offensively.

He’s capable of putting it in… But he often lacks opportunism.

When Anderson is playing at the top of his game and involved on the ice… We’re talking about a christie of a field hockey player. He has the tools to help any NHL club when he decides to work his butt off, and that’s what makes him such a special player.

Because when it comes down to it, there aren’t a ton of Josh Andersons around the NHL. Even if he’s a little overpaid, the Habs can count themselves lucky to have a player like him on their roster, and remember how long Marc Bergevin searched to bring a guy like him to Montreal.

Not for nothing, the former CH GM gave him such a big contract when he acquired him for Max Domi. He loved him…

The question now is this. Which Josh Anderson will we get next season?

The one for the 2021 playoffs? Or the one who, for the past two seasons, has been inconsistent in his performances on the ice?

In gusto

– Cool!

– Michael Del Zotto hangs up his skates.

– The Oilers are hungry.

– Wow. What an atmosphere!

– It can’t be easy.

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