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The Coyotes’ GM makes a fool of himself and looks crazy, once again.

It’s getting to be a habit. The Arizona Coyotes, described as “the laughing stock of the National League”, are still being laughed at.

What happened this time, you may ask?

Simple, really. Bill Armstrong, the team’s GM, told The Bob McCown Podcast that Dmitri Simashev, the team’s first pick in the last draft (the Coyotes drafted 6th, just behind the Canadiens) is “bigger than we thought”.

Simashev was listed at 6 feet 4 inches before the draft began… And now, it seems, he’s 6 feet 7 inches.

There’s a noticeable difference between those two sizes, we agree…

If Simashev was so great, why didn’t the other NHL teams see him? After all, the Russian got on board after hearing his name called by the Coyotes…

And all the other NHL GMs were able to observe his greatness. What’s more, the clubs surely met with him before the draft to ask him a few questions, as is the case with virtually every other prospect in the league.

On the other hand. Where it gets really, really ridiculous… is when you realize that Simashev is almost as tall as Daniil But, who was also selected in the first round (12th overall).

According to the various lists, But measured 6 feet 5 inches before the draft…

So, if we’re to believe the Coyotes GM’s claim that Simashev is 6’7″… that means But must be “at least” 6’8″, right?


(Credit: Screenshot, YouTube)

Frankly, I don’t know why Bill Armstrong would go and say that so openly. As if he didn’t know that his comments would be easy to find…

And I really wonder what his intention was in all this.

Imagine if Kent Hughes went on the Blue Pocket and said Reinbacher is three inches taller than people thought… We’d all have the same reaction.

“Come on, Kent! What are you talking about?”


But I think we can all agree that it really is the Arizona Coyotes. It just seems that the organization likes to cover itself in ridicule…

It makes for a good show. Better to laugh than cry… Right?

In short

– Well said.

– After the photo shoot, the kids have fun at the Upper Deck showcase.

– Not all players have that mentality.

– That’s it. That’s how the sport will continue to grow.

– Pooler alert:

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