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Reconstruction and patience: two words that set Montreal on fire

The word “reconstruction” has a way of causing a stir in Montreal.

As much when we talk about the many projects being carried out in the city… as when we talk about the Habs. And why? Because Montrealers are tired of living in a city full of orange cones, and because CH fans are passionate.

The Tricolore is currently in this phase of its plan. They’re building a foundation for the future, and that means the difficult moments on the ice we’ve been witnessing for the past two seasons.

The word rebuilding complements the word patience, by the way. The Habs won’t win the Stanley Cup tomorrow morning, and fans know it. The vast majority of fans have agreed to see the club suffer momentarily so that it can be competitive two, three or even four years from now…

And even if it’s not easy when everyone wants to see the CH win, the fact remains the same. You have to be patient.

Tony Marinaro (BPM Sports) chose some rather daring words to describe the situation in his column today… But it’s hard not to agree with his idea:

I don’t know if the purpose of his message was to respond to Réjean Tremblay’s…

But let’s just say that the two men have a completely different opinion of the situation.

Réjean Trembaly, who has started writing his daily columns on the BPM Sports website, wrote in a text this morning that fans should “put pressure” on the CH to get results.

To explain his point, he linked to the new episodes of Netflix’s “Untold” series, which highlights the success achieved by the Florida Gators in the early 2000s.

For those who haven’t had the chance to listen to them, it’s important to understand that Gators fans are mega-passionate (as they are in Montreal, basically), to the point where the players “had to win or they had to accept being booed by 88,500 spectators” :

As I listened to the Gators players talk about the obligation to win, the fraternity that the pressure created, the team spirit that the absolute pursuit of victory instilled in the dressing room, I thought to myself that this was now the crucial element missing from the Habs. – Réjean Tremblay

I understand where that’s coming from… But you also have to be realistic when you say that the Habs just don’t have what it takes to win right now.

Even if the fans start booing the club on the ice, it doesn’t mean they’ll be any more talented the next day. No matter how hard the guys work, no matter how hard they try…

He can’t compete with the other NHL powerhouses. Not right now, anyway.

It’s a bummer, but there you go. Yes, there was pressure on the Gators and the fans let the players know that it was important to win… But let’s not discount the fact that they had the best quarterback in the NCAA and they had the tools to perform on the field.

The Canadiens haven’t reached that stage yet. As I said at the outset, the CH already has so many talented young players.

Can’t we give them a chance to mature before pressing the panic button?

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