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The Canadiens have what it takes to dominate the rookie camp

Rookie camp is always interesting. After all, it’s where you see the quality of a club’s prospect pool.

Of course, not all hopefuls are there. Some are too busy warming the bench in Russia(like Matvei Michkov, the Flyers’ top prospect)… or, at best, playing.

The NCAA hopefuls aren’t there either. Their college term has begun and they don’t want to lose their eligibility to play in the American university system.

But there’s still a good pool of talented guys out there.

Most of the prospects are with the veterans in Brossard these days, waiting for training camp or rookie camp to start. And the youngsters know they’ll be playing for big stakes in the coming weeks.

And why? Because it’s a great showcase. Just ask Arber Xhekaj or William Trudeau, two guys who have made their mark in recent years and improved their lot within the Habs organization.

All this to say that it will be interesting to follow the Canadiens in such circumstances. After all, there will be plenty of quality prospects at the tournament again this year.

That’s to be expected, considering the club’s youth bank…

And as Renaud Lavoie said this morning on BPM Sports, the Habs have the potential to dominate at the rookie tournament. With the bank of youngsters Jean-François Houle will have on hand, it’s understandable.

Among the guys who are rookies in their own right, those who aren’t in Europe for the next few weeks or in the NCAA should take part. That’s a lot of quality youngsters per square foot.

However, we won’t be seeing Lane Hutson alongside David Reinbacher, which is a shame.

It’ll give the players a chance to build team spirit, which is just as well. It may not always be easy against the Sabres (September 15), Bruins (September 16) and Senators (September 18), but the challenge will be interesting for a large group of young CH players.

Not only will the goal be to separate the men from the kids between teams, but the same thing will happen internally. Some hopefuls will want to stand out more than others.

And that’s going to bring the cream to the surface.


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