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Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield “mess things up” in Memphrémagog

TVA Sports used (the numbers) of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield this morning to remind us just how short the Habs’ start to the season is.

I used D-Natural yesterday… but in the end, it all comes down to the same thing: field hockey is coming back soon. Almost all the Habs players are already hard at work in Brossard, every day. Informally and unofficially, but still…

The factremains that Suzuki and Caufield haven’t just been numbers to add up to 36 in the last few hours. Oh no, they haven’t!

The Habs’ two young all-stars got their groove on at the renowned Memphremagog Golf Club over the long weekend.

What do you mean by that?

By acting like thugs on the course? By not repairing the holes they made on the greens? Driving a go-kart on the green?

No, not exactly! Anyway, there are no go-karts there. People walk and have their own personalized caddies.

Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield were invited – along with a guy named Justin and a guy named Michael L. Smith – to play a round at the renowned Eastern Townships Golf Club. And they each shared a story as they walked down the fairway.

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

“Fucking around by sharing a photo, you’re fucking with us I hope Max?!”

No! I’m fuck*ng serious. As serious as my high school math teacher. Mrs. P**p**d- God rest her soul probably – NEVER smiled! And if I’d grown up in the 2020s, we’d probably have to call her Mx P**p**d. Whatever.

It’s strictly forbidden to take photos of the Memphémagog Golf Club. In fact, you’re not even supposed to have your cell phone with you on the course.

I guess we didn’t want to bother two CH players who came to the Eastern Townships… but in the end, it created a bit of a mess among the club’s members and managers. The golf club, not the field hockey club…

The golf club belongs to the Desmarais family. There are only about 200 members… and each one pays more or less $200,000 a year for the right to play. $200,000!

And everyone abides by the strict phone and photo rule.

The 2 photos shared on Instagram by Cole and Nick are among the very few images taken and published at the Memphrémagog golf club in the last 20 years!

Believe me, a lot of people didn’t like it… so much so that the stories disappeared pretty quickly anyway.

I know, some rules may seem stupid or outdated… but if they exist, we have to respect them.

I wonder if the two Montreal strikers were invited to the Desmarais golf club… because one of the members of the famous family (André) is about to become a minority shareholder in the organization

If that’s the case, I hope last weekend’s two publications won’t do too much harm to future relations between the family and the field hockey club.

It’s worth noting that a very well-connected person in the golf world told me that it would be VERY surprising if CH players were specifically allowed to photograph themselves on the course, when no one else – even if they’re paying $200,000 a year – is allowed to do so.

“I’ll be down, Max! The people who play there have a lot more money than Cole Caufield, you know.”

We’re down to the “rebels ” as the team’s biggest earners. OK, we’re a long way from Ribeiro, Theo, Kostitsyn, Hamrlik, Kovalev, Carbo, Huet and O’Byrne… but times are changing. The pandemic and fashionable mentalities of 2023 are taking their toll, hehe. Taking a picture when you’re not allowed to, that’s being a rebel as a captain and/or star player of the Habs now.

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