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Rumor mill: the Bruins wanted to trade Linus Ullmark this summer
Linus Ullmark had one of the most impressive seasons for a goaltender in 2022-2023.

40-6-1 record…

An exceptional .938 save percentage…

A goals-against average of 1.89…

Above all, he helped the club finish the campaign with the highest single-season win total for an NHL club (65). He was dominant, to say the least, and his performances earned him the Vézina Trophy, awarded annually to the league’s best goalkeeper.

Despite this, the Bruins reportedly tried to trade him this summer, according to a reporter on the team’s beat. Ty Anderson maintains that there was a “deal” in place and that the return was suitable:

I don’t know about you, but being in the goalie position… That would piss me off.

He’s just had the best season of his career and as a result, the team had the idea of sending him elsewhere… It seems to me that it must be hard to swallow.

The idea would have made sense, given that Jeremy Swayman seems ready to fill the team’s number-one goaltender’s chair and needs to play to improve, but still.

Jack Campbell and the Oilers: a short-lived marriage?

Imagine if Kent Hughes offered a five-year contract valued at $25 million to an NHL goaltender who’d just had a good time…

And that the following year, he considers trading him because the goalie in question was awful in his first season with the Habs.

Yikes. That’s kind of the situation Ken Holland finds himself in right now with Jack Campbell.

The latter had just had a great season with the Leafs, and to remedy his problem in front of the net, Holland thought it made sense to roll out the red carpet for Campbell.

One year later… The speech is completely different.

Allan Mitchell (The Athletic) said out loud what everyone else was thinking in a recent article: if Campbell struggles again at the start of the season… Ken Holland will have a choice to make.

Because with the emergence of Stuart Skinner in front of the net, the situation is more complicated than expected. Skinner deserves the chance to start next season as Edmonton’s most trusted goalie, but it’s Campbell’s salary that’s playing tricks on the organization.

You don’t want to pay your second goalie $5 million a year.

Philly wants Wayne Simmonds to sign a PTO

When I think of Wayne Simmonds, I picture him wearing a Philadelphia Flyers jersey.

In recent years, he’s worn the colors of the Predators, Sabres, Leafs and Devils.

That said, Simmonds hurt the CH so badly by wearing the Flyers’ orange uniform on his back that it’s hard to remember him as a member of any other team. In short.

The veteran is at the end of his career, having played just 18 games last year in Toronto. He was often left out of the line-up, and when he did play, it was because the Leafs were up against a club with a physical style.

But still, in Philly… we’d like to see him get a professional tryout for next season.

Yes, even if he’s no longer on the ice.

Like Milan Lucic in Boston, it’s true that seeing Simmonds finish his career with the Flyers, where he enjoyed so much success, would be pleasing to fans.

The Flyers are rebuilding and the presence of a guy like him in the dressing room could be significant for the club’s future. The role of mentor would certainly suit him…

But he’ll also have to be able to keep up with the pace on the ice, otherwise there’s not much point.

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