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Leafs refuse interview requests for Guy Boucher
A lot has happened in Toronto this summer. To say the least.

The departure of Kyle Dubas…

Rumours surrounding Sheldon Keefe’s dismissal…

The signing of Auston Matthews’ new pact, making him the NHL’s highest-paid player…

The notable acquisitions of Max Domi, Ryan Reaves and Tyler Bertuzzi…

William Nylander’s contractual situation and all the ideas that send him elsewhere via trade…

Yeah. It’s been a whirlwind, let’s put it that way.

But in Montreal, there’s no hiding it… It’s the hiring of Guy Boucher as the team’s assistant coach that’s been the talk of the town:

Boucher had been working in the media for a while, and everyone was happy for him when we heard the news.

After all, it’s a great challenge for the former Senators and Lightning head coach. He’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with several star players in Toronto… And I’m especially looking forward to seeing the chemistry that will develop between him and Sheldon Keefe.

It’s a shame, though, that fans will no longer have the chance to hear the former RDS and 98.5 FM expert analyst. Mario Langlois confided on one of his shows last week that the Leafs forbid him to speak to the media:

It’s not for nothing that you won’t hear Guy Boucher interviewed anymore. He won’t be able to salute us on his season debut this year because the Leafs are refusing interview requests with Guy. – Mario Langlois

You may wonder why this is the case, given that the Coyotes allow André Tourigny to do interviews and appear on certain shows.

Basically, it’s just an organizational rule. These rules are different throughout the league, as some teams allow their coaches and assistant coaches to “speak to the media”… But that’s not the case in Toronto.

Simple as that.

We also know about the rivalry between the Leafs and the CH… So the fact that the Leafs don’t want one of their assistant coaches to talk to and give information to certain media on their shores makes sense.

The point remains the same, though. It’s a shame, because Guy Boucher is an excellent communicator and he’s passionate about the sport.

He’s always had a talent for giving knowledge to the fans who listen to him because of his experience.

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