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In Sweden, referees conduct post-match interviews to explain certain decisions.
Referees make mistakes in every sport.

Sometimes things happen quickly and decisions are made quickly… Which can lead to a blunder. They’re human, after all, but it seems that these blunders always happen at the worst possible moment.

We’ve seen it in the NHL over the past two years: when it comes to the playoffs, calls are often controversial.

The game isn’t the same in the playoffs, and sometimes the rules aren’t respected…

But there are also times when the zebra men don’t make the right decisions in the eyes of some, even after reviewing the sequence in question.

The SHL (Swedish Hockey League) understands this, and to try and remedy the situation, referees do post-game interviews to explain some of their controversial decisions.

It looks a bit like this set-up here:

[Sweden] In the event of controversial calls, SHL refs will talk to the studio post-game, explaining their side of the call. The analyst to the left really laid into the ref tonight
by u/TheMightySwede in field hockey

I love the concept, honestly. And I’m pretty sure you all feel the same way.

Sometimes, it’s hard to fully understand what’s happening on the ice in front of a computer screen or a TV screen… And the idea especially allows fans to have a better idea of the situation and it keeps everyone on the same page.

Also, on the SHL website… There’s a series of articles in which the referees explain in more detail why some of the more contentious calls were made. There’s also a section where you can find all the contested calls that happen on the rink, game by game.

It’s been 2023… And maybe it’s time the National League did the same.

It’s not as if the NHL doesn’t have the resources and means to do it…

It’s not as if fans don’t have the right to be properly informed…

And it’s not as if the referees were perfect either. But if there were no problem, which is practically impossible, we wouldn’t be having this discussion today.

I’d like to see a referee questioned live about some missed calls on the ice, and I’d like to see the zebra men challenged a bit. Because at the end of the day, the fans deserve it.

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