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David Savard and Mike Matheson, two real bargains for the CH
The Canadian is building a great foundation for the future.

Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, David Reinbacher, Kirby Dach, Juraj Slafkovsky, Alex Newhook, Lane Hutson, Logan Mailloux (you name it)… These guys should, technically, have a big role on the team in the next few years.

The squad is young at the moment because the club is rebuilding. God knows that in times like these, the presence of veterans is important in the dressing room…

In Montreal, it’s David Savard and Mike Matheson in particular who play the role of big brothers. They’re important to the club, and at the salaries they earn, it’s safe to assume that they’ll prove to be bargains for the Habs.

For the record, Savard earns $3.5 million per season. Matheson, on the other hand, earns $4.875 million annually:

(Credit: CapFriendly)

I emphasize the fact that they are bargains for the Habs, because it probably wouldn’t be the same anywhere else in the NHL.

The CH can count on Matheson as a number-one defenseman, and he’s in the right chair in Montreal. But if Matheson were playing in Tampa behind all the stars on defense, it’s hard to believe he’d have the same production and impact on the Lightning…

And the same applies to David Savard.

Every NHL club needs a defenseman like him in the line-up, but his role in Montreal is particularly important. He’s the daddy in the dressing room…

Savard, like Matheson, wouldn’t have the same impact on a Stanley Cup contender. It’s not that he’s not good, far from it. His role would simply be different, and like his time in Tampa Bay, his contribution would be overshadowed.

The two main players are so valuable in terms of their contracts and performance that they could become interesting targets for various teams at the 2024 or 2025 trade deadline.

But right now, the facts are clear. The Habs need their number-one defenseman in Mike Matheson, and the Habs need the daddy of the players in the room.

But it’s still too early to come to that conclusion. Far too early, in fact.

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– Just imagine!

– When will their next contract be signed?

– Big win for the Jays this afternoon.

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