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Alex Killorn: the idea of joining his friends and ending his career in Montreal appeals to him
I think we all said the same thing when we saw the new contract Alex Killorn signed this summer in Anaheim.

“Oh my God! That’s a lot of money!”

The 4-year pact that will pay him $25 million over the life of the deal is, indeed, quite expensive. That said, the Ducks had money to spend, and the addition of a veteran like him, who has leadership qualities and knows how to win, won’t hurt.

Especially when you consider that the Ducks are a young team and the organization’s prospects need coaching.

Killorn appeared on Chris Nilan’s Raw Knuckles Podcast and answered a question that had to be asked.

The CH alumnus asked him if he’d ever thought about donning a Flanelle uniform, and Killorn immediately told him that this summer, he’s “not really had any discussions” with the Montreal club’s staff.

But Killorn also opened the door to the idea of finishing his career in Montreal, because it would be “special”.

It would be special to wear the Montreal Canadiens uniform… But joining his good friends Vincent Lecavalier, Teddy Purcell and Martin St-Louis would also be really special.

We agree that he would have sounded a bit crazy if he’d said otherwise.

That’s why I take the whole thing with a grain of salt. Saying out loud that playing for the Habs is a nice idea can be easy for anyone…

Talk to Pierre-Luc Dubois. Hehe.

On a serious note, hockey-wise… The scenario could certainly get interesting.

In four years, when his contract expires if he isn’t bought out before then, the Habs should be competitive and any Stanley Cup contender needs an Alex Killorn in their line-up.

However… In four years’ time, will he still be able to make his mark in the National League? He’ll be 37 by then, and even if he hasn’t really been affected by injuries since the start of his career, it’s something to consider.

The Habs shouldn’t bring him to town just to please him either. If management feels that he can help the club on the ice and in the dressing room, and if the club feels that the addition of an Alex Killorn to the line-up can help their chances of winning a Stanley Cup, then why not.

But… Four years is a long way off. Maybe there won’t even be room for him, and the Habs will have found their Alex Killorn by then.

There’s too much at stake to think about anything right now.

In gusto

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