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Samuel Montembeault and his potential: the same question often asked
On October 2, 2021, the Canadiens called Samuel Montembeault up for the ballot.

At the time, no one really believed that the Quebecer would one day fight for the number-one goaltender position in Montreal… And almost two years later, that’s the scenario we’re witnessing right now.

In fact, according to some, he’s already won the role. I’m part of the group, by the way.

But when we talk about him, it’s always the same question that comes up. What’s Monty‘s potential?

We’ve all seen how the goalkeeper has progressed over the past year. He had a great time last season in Montreal, with a club that finished in the bottom half of the NHL standings. He also impressed at the World Championship, being, in the eyes of many, the best goalkeeper in the competition.

After all, he led Canada to gold as the team’s best player .

It’s a bit difficult to make up one’s mind about the situation because everyone’s opinion is different.

That’s why, when a goalkeeping coach talks about himself, I like to listen to his comments. The latest to do so… is Jimmy Waite (Blackhawks), and he thinks the world of him, let’s put it this way:

I think it was a good move to go to the CDM. I think it may have confirmed for him that he’s one of the elite. Let’s face it: he’s really had an incredible season and he’s beaten everyone’s predictions. – Jimmy Waite

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Yes, Monty’s had a great year and yes, he’s showing superb signs of progression over the past 18 months. But he doesn’t have the numbers of an elite NHL goalie (yet) and he doesn’t have elite NHL goalie status yet.

If that happens, so much the better. All CH fans will be thrilled to see a home-grown kid perform like that, especially since he’s wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey.

But we have to take it one step at a time. It’s not a good season and a good World Championship that can describe him as one of the best players in his position.

You have to be realistic, too. The important thing, I think, is to find a certain balance in our expectations.

Let’s wait and see what he’s really capable of. After all, he’s only played 78 games for the CH…

In short

– Well, I hope so.

– Great read on the Capitals captain.

– Nicklas Backstrom isn’t thinking about retirement just yet.

– He’ll have to fight for his position.

– Makes sense.

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