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Nick Bobrov really, really wanted to draft Florian Xhekaj
When the Canadiens selected Florian Xhekaj in the 4th round of the last NHL draft, a huge smile came over my face.

Deep down, I get the impression that most fans feel the same way. Everyone in Montreal has fallen in love with Arber over the past year, and seeing that the club has reunited the two brothers has had a comforting effect of sorts.

But the CH didn’t choose him just because he’s the other’s brother.

His qualities were appreciated at the CH table, and you can really feel that it was Nick Bobrov who pushed the group to make the decision to welcome him to the organization when you watch the video released by the club yesterday, showing a behind-the-scenes look at the latest draft.

(Florian) Xhekaj is a unicorn. Personally, I’d love to come out of the draft with this guy with us. – Nick Bobrov

What’s a “unicorn” in field hockey terms? It means that the main player is capable of doing everything right on the ice.

Florian Xhekaj isn’t the most offensive player on earth. He doesn’t have a knack for scoring goals, he doesn’t have the best vision of any prospect drafted, and he doesn’t have the potential to become an NHL superstar.

Otherwise, he would have been chosen long before the 101st overall pick.

That said, Florian is a guy who, without excelling in every area, does things the right way. We’re talking about an energetic player who has qualities all 200 feet of the ice, and we’re talking about a guy who, like his brother, isn’t afraid to throw down the gloves to defend his teammates.

And that’s what NHL clubs value. When players are characterized by hard work or a willingness to fight, it often helps their chances of being drafted or even playing in the NHL at some point in their career.

It makes sense… Because coaches love these players for one simple reason: they can be placed just about anywhere in a line-up and the result is the same.

Rafaël Harvey-Pinard is a case in point. Installed on the first line just a few weeks after being recalled from the Rocket, the Quebecer began to fill the net because he gave a constant effort on the ice. You can see where I’m going with this.

Last season, Florian Xhekaj collected 25 points (13 goals) in 68 games with the Hamilton Bulldogs. He’s expected to improve considerably this year, as he’ll be 19 and already has a season under his belt in the OHL.

I can’t wait to see how he develops.

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