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“Michkov’s bad behavior is linked to his desire to win”.

“The Canadian made a mistake in deciding not to draft Matvei Michkov”

“Matvei Michkov is overvalued”

“Matvei Michkov is the best Russian prospect since Alex Ovechkin”

“Matvei Michkov has the potential to be one of the NHL’s best goal scorers and players”

” Matvei Michkov has as much talent as Connor Bedard “

“Matvei Michkov has a bad attitude”

“Matvei Mich…”


We’ve all heard the speeches about Matvei Michkov. And few feel the same way about the man who was selected 7th overall in the last draft by Daniel Brière and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? We don’t know yet. Mishkov is continuing his development in Russia before thinking of coming to North America, so we may not have the answers to these questions any time soon.

If we go back to several weeks ago, just before the first round of the last draft… It was the young man’s behavior that attracted the most attention. Some had kind words for him, others said he was an unpleasant teammate…

And if the latter is true, we can understand why some clubs decided to look elsewhere. But David Ettedgui, who contacted the CH on draft day to tell them how “incredible Michkov is”, sees it all in a completely different light.

Ettedgui likes the fact that Mishkov sometimes gets angry on the bench, and he likes the fact that Mishkov sometimes gives his teammates crap. But why?

Because it shows him that Mishkov, at the end of the day… All he wants to do is win.

Everyone can see things in a different way, and that’s the beauty of it.

That said, when you hear that he “kicks” his teammates when they’re in the legs in the locker room, that he crooks his teammates in the leg at practices and that he tucks his stick into his goalie’s chest at practice…

It’s only natural to wonder about his attitude.

The rest of his career will be interesting to watch, because after having a good time at the start of his club’s KHL preparatory games, it’s been more difficult lately. He’s not playing much, and his coaches don’t seem to be giving him the confidence he desires.

Is this, again… related to a behavioural problem?

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– Go read this. Incredible story.

– Quite a journey.

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