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Kent Hughes must acquire another natural goal scorer

I was browsing the NHL’s official website earlier today and something struck me when I was browsing the stats section.

For the past three years, the Habs have had a lot of trouble scoring goals. In the category of goals scored per game, the club has come in at…

  • 26th in the National League in 20-21 (2.74 goals per game)
  • 27th in the National League in 21-22 (2.71 goals per game)
  • 26th in the National League in 22-23 (2.77 goals per game)
The situation is a little frightening. But why?

When you look at the club’s current roster… It’s hard to believe the Habs will do better in 23-24. Especially with the departure of Mike Hoffman as a natural scorer :

(Credit: DailyFaceoff)

In the last two years, the CH has finished the season at the bottom of the NHL standings.

I find it hard to believe that this is a coincidence when I relate it to goals scored per game.

In a league where a lot of goals are scored, it’s important to have players who can “put it in”. At the moment, only Cole Caufield gives me that impression on the CH… And that tells me that the Habs have a crying need at this level.

It’s easy to see why: Kent Hughes should try to acquire a sniper to help #22… Because God knows, our little national Cole can’t do it all alone.

But that’s easier said than done too. These players don’t run around the streets because they’re so valuable to their respective teams.

When I think of particular candidates around the NHL, I don’t know why… But Kyle Connor’s name always comes to mind. Like, always.

After all, the Jets player could become available pretty quickly if Mark Scheifele and Connor Hellebuyck decide to leave the team next summer via the free-agent market.

All indications are that the Jets are about to enter a rebuilding period… And the Habs have the tools to negotiate on the basis of a transaction in the event that there are several interesting prospects in Montreal.

I’m not saying that Kyle Connor is the solution to all the Habs’ problems, but the arrival of a guy who has averaged 35-40 goals a year for the past five seasons wouldn’t hurt in my eyes.

Plus… It seems like a long time since the club has had a scorer of his calibre. That’s been the case since the departure of Max Pacioretty, basically.

Maybe the Habs aren’t ready to be competitive yet… But when they are, they’ll have to find a way to score goals and win games on a regular basis. It’s nice to have a goalie who makes saves…

But you have to help him too.


– Colton Parayko does not wish to be traded.

– The guys are happy.

– No?

– The MLB is on a roll.

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