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Pierre Gervais texted Dominique Ducharme to congratulate him… But there was no reply.
Credit: What a wonderful man!
When Pierre Gervais published his first book, Au coeur du vestiaire , it was as if a bomb had gone off in town.

In fact, it was the disparaging comments about Dominique Ducharme that caught people’s attention. The former CH equipment manager’s book states that Ducharme “wasn’t respected” by his players… And you can understand why the comments hurt the former CH pilot.

He commented that he was disappointed, even angry, to read such things from a guy he considered to be his good friend, a chum.

And I have to admit, being stabbed in the back by someone I respect a lot would piss me off enough, too.

Gervais was on Mario Langlois (98.5 FM) last night because yesterday morning, we learned that volume number 2 of his book will be released this fall. The host couldn’t pass up the news that Ducharme had accepted an assistant coaching position with the Golden Knights this summer, for obvious reasons…

And Pierre Gervais confided in him that he had texted Ducharme to congratulate him. The result?

I was happy for him. I texted him and never heard back. I understand that too. You know, I don’t cave! – Pierre Gervais

Wow. That’s, well… not very surprising.

Gervais goes on to say that his goal was not to destroy Dominique Ducharme, and that he hopes Ducharme “will have learned from this”.

Learned what? To stop trusting people around him?

Maybe there’s some truth to Pierre Gervais’s story, and if there is, there will be. But he gained nothing by throwing Dominique Ducharme under the bus, and he gained nothing by revealing such information about a guy who really liked him.

As far as I’m concerned, what stays in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. And it’s not as if Ducharme was still with the CH when the book came out…

He’d already lost his job a few months earlier. Why decide to pound on him when Ducharme was already on the ground?

I find this behavior so fake. Especially since the two men were friends.


– Good text.

– Amen. Someone had to say it.

– Happy birthday to one of my favorite players!

– They look like babies!

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