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André Desmarais linked to Canadiens as minority shareholder
As you know, Michael Andlauer will be officially buying the Senators in the next few weeks. He will be the controlling shareholder of the Ottawa franchise.

The club would like to make it official for the club golf tournament.

Does this mean that the Canadiens’ shareholder will definitely sell his CH shares? He doesn’t have to, but he’s moving in that direction

right now.

As long as you don’t own the majority of two NHL teams, that’s fine.

This morning, Renaud Lavoie broached the subject on BPM Sports. He said that, yes, existing shareholders could buy out part of his equity, but that going in-house could be done.

And André Desmarais’ name comes up

a lot.

According to Renaud Lavoie, the powerful businessman may well be interested in the Canadiens’ shares. Why? Because we can sense his interest in the world of field hockey.

We haven’t necessarily always sensed it from the man who has been linked to the Nordiques and the Canadiens in the past, but it seems to be visibly different in 2023.

Why? Because he finished second in the race to buy the Ottawa Senators… behind, ironically, Michael Andlauer.

Wait before you say it’s a done deal, though. There could be other people in the race, and maybe he won’t go through with it.

André Desmarais is the son of Paul Desmarais. For many years, he was head of Power Corporation, a major Canadian corporation.

Seeing him in a position with the CH would be a huge addition for the Habs.

The fall from grace.

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