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Pierre-Karl Péladeau thinks he paid too much for NHL broadcasting rights

Things are going badly in the media world at the moment. Québecor, for example, is seeing TVA lose money. I’m not just talking about TVA Sports, whose losses of at least $200 million have been documented, but about TVA as such.

As a result, MAtv, for example, is having to close its doors.

As Mr. Péladeau confirmed this morning on Paul Arcand (98.5 FM), the fact that the market has been changing for years means that the company must find solutions.

He would not confirm that this would involve layoffs, but neither would he say that this was out of the question.

Fighting Quebec companies is one thing, but doing so against giants like Apple, Disney, Paramount, Netflix, Peacock and Amazon makes it all very complicated. Going with Apple, for example, comes with less visibility, sure, but with more… generous salaries.

On the one hand, customers can’t subscribe to everything. On the other, the company needs the customer to do it anyway. #Globalization

Going up against giants like these won’t be easy. In fact, anyone who doesn’t intend to sell TVA knows that it will be difficult to keep sports rights in markets where these giants will be invading.

This was the case with MLS in the case of Apple, and I don’t see why it won’t be the case with the NHL. I can clearly see Apple trying to get the NHL rights.

Jérémy Filosa thinks Apple will be a big player in the negotiations…

For example, if Apple wants to add NHL rights in 2026, when the TVA Sports contract ends, Quebecor won’t be able to dance. Since the current contract was “probably” overpaid, the station won’t be able to add to it.

Péladeau, who recently bought the Alouettes, says TVA Sports’ operating losses are directly linked to the NHL contract. I don’t know if the solution is regional rights (which is what RDS has right now) instead, but I doubt it.

In the past, the contract was acquired to gain credibility and field hockey ratings. But right now, it’s hurting the sports station, and you can feel it.

But at the same time, not everything went according to plan.

Clearly, the potential return of the Nordiques was behind the arrival of TVA Sports. After all, with a club in Quebec City, the situation would have been different.

But as we all know, Gary Bettman isn’t keen on the Nordiques. Pierre-Karl Péladeau talks about the fact that there is no “overwhelming enthusiasm” on the NHL side for a Nordiques return.

It may not help that Mr. Péladeau is not in Gary Bettman’s good graces, as JF Plante points out. Has Mr. Péladeau’s time with the PQ left its mark?

So it’s very difficult right now in the media world, and it shows when you hear Paul Arcand grill Pierre-Karl Péladeau. It’s not an easy situation for anyone.

Quebec money can’t compete with American money. Basically, it’s a problem.

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– To be continued.

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– He has several.

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