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U.S. national TV prefers Coyotes to Canadiens
The NHL today unveiled its broadcast schedule for games to be shown on American national TV.

There will be :

  • 62 games on TNT
  • 16 games on ABC
  • 34 games on ESPN
  • 72 games on ESPN+
  • 50 games on Hulu

You’ll understand that the aim of these presentations is to increase the popularity and visibility of sports in the United States. As a result, it’s often the best teams that are “selected” to broadcast the matches in question, and that’s the case again this year.

Quite simply, it makes sense.

But where it gets interesting is that the Canadiens are one of four NHL teams not to be represented on American national TV. The Sens, Flames and Jets complete the “quartet”.

And it’s even more special when you notice that American national TV prefers to broadcast the Coyotes rather than the Habs.

Each of the U.S.-based teams will play (at least) one game on the national airwaves. That’s not unusual, given that the games will be shown on American television…

But the fact that the only four teams not on the air are Canadian is also cause for concern. I think it’s worth noting.

The Leafs (11) and Oilers (18) are the two Canadian clubs that will play the most games in this regard.

Here again, it makes sense… because we’re talking about the two best Canadian teams, and because we’re talking about two clubs bursting with offensive talent.

Beautiful goals, elite players, high-level field hockey… That’s what fans are interested in. And that’s what the National Hockey League must promote if the sport is to become even more popular south of the border.

Fans will have the chance to watch Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl on no fewer than 18 occasions. That’s a lot… But it’s well deserved if you think they might be the two best players in the world right now.

I’m particularly surprised, though, that fans will get to see the Canucks twice. It’s not as if we can say they have a great chance of winning the Stanley Cup next season…


I can’t wait to see when the Habs start getting more attention in the States. Right now, the club is rebuilding, and that’s not what people want to see on TV to be entertained.

But once the CH starts to compete and the youngsters become stars (if that happens, of course)… The trend should change.

In gusto

– Of note:

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– For sure.

– Nice. They’re beautiful, too.

– Huge relief for the Bengals.

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