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Emil Heineman is convinced he can make it in Montreal

For a number of years now, the Montreal Canadiens have been the talk of the rookie camp and the team’s training camp.

Why is this?

Because more and more young prospects/players are coming into the organization and showing great promise at these two camps.

Not all of them are yet ready to make the jump to the pros, but simply observing the progression of these different youngsters is exciting for CH fans.

Last season, one of the prospects who really impressed both at rookie camp and training camp was Swedish forward Emil Heineman, who was acquired in the deal that sent Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames.

Indeed, Heineman had really shown his worth at both camps, clearly being one of the best players on the ice.

So much so, in fact, that he earned himself three preparatory games, during which he also did well, but unfortunately for him, a thumb injury put an end to his great momentum.

Fortunately, Heineman will be back at training camp this year, and the Swede is more than ready.

In an interview with TVA Sports’ excellent Anthony Martineau, the CH prospect was very serene and confident, setting the bar very high for his camp performance.

From the very first question of the interview, Heineman showed his confidence by speaking very clearly and directly, whereas other prospects would have skirted around the question in order not to put too much pressure on themselves.

“Do you think you have what it takes to secure a full-time position with the CH this year?”
– Anthony Martineau

“Yes. You’ll see in October.” – Emil Heineman

A short answer, but one that speaks volumes about the Swede’s confidence and intentions.

Throughout his excellent interview with Anthony Martineau, Heineman showed that he was confident in his abilities and, above all, aware that he had responded very well to the club’s various tests, whether in Montreal during preparatory games or in Laval with the Rocket to end last season.

Heineman arrived in Laval on fire, collecting nine points including seven goals in 11 games.

Heineman’s success in all these challenges has made him realize that not only is he progressing very well, but that he could clearly carve out a position for himself in Montreal.

Heineman is even convinced of this.

“I’ve never played an official NHL game, but based on the three preparatory games I was used in last year, I’m convinced I have what it takes not only to win a regular position with Montreal, but also to help the team.” – Emil Heineman

It’s truly incredible the confidence that comes out of this 21-year-old, who also believes he’ll help any player he plays with, no matter who they are.

Of course, the sheer number of forwards vying for a spot in Montreal will hurt Heineman’s chances, even if he performs superbly.

However, if Christian Dvorak were to miss the start of the season, Heineman could get his chance, and listening to him talk, I have no doubt he’d take it.

Heineman is also convinced that playing conditions in North America are perfect for his style of play.

In fact, he’s noticed that he generates far more shots on goal in the AHL than he does in Sweden, which is very positive considering that he has an excellent shot.

To find out more, I really recommend reading Anthony Martineau’s full article.

You’ll learn more about Heineman, who is already training in Quebec, and at the end of the read, it’s hard not to be excited about the young Swede.

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