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La Poche Bleue: Jean Perron to take part in new 110% segment
In recent weeks, there have been some major changes at La Poche Bleue. First, we know that the company has been sold to Ontario interests, but that the core craftsmen will remain in place.

That’s the main thing.

Secondly, we know that the lunchtime show, which was piloted by Stéphane Gonzalez last year, will not be returning. Gonzo, meanwhile, is back with Georges Laraque at BPM Sports, as you no doubt know.

We also know that LPB’s weekly podcast will include a 110% segment. With the new season just two weeks away (September 6), it’s sure to be a great one.

Let’s just say I can’t wait to see the results.

And now, this week, the first collaborator has been announced: Jean Perron. In the segment dubbed “Taverne Hockey” for the upcoming season, here’s a big name to get the ball rolling.

Obviously, it’s off to a great start, since we all know what a polarizing contributor Jean Perron was on the original 110%. He always caused quite a stir.

That’s why it was so popular.

I like La Poche Bleue’s idea of bringing the debate format back to the forefront. After all, polarizing in this way will go a long way to attracting people, who love debates.

I don’t think it would be realistic, of course, to expect the 110% to be exactly what it used to be. That said, recapturing the spirit of 2023 will undoubtedly help draw attention to the boys’ podcast.

I can’t wait to see the other contributors. Don’t expect to see just 110% old-timers, and new faces should also be making an appearance in the set.

I think we’ll soon know whether the segment will be a success. And I hope the answer will be yes.

In bursts

– 79 years already.

– NHL salaries have nothing to do with the NBA. [HF]

– It’s still the talk of the town.

– Yes.

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