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Kirby Dach can’t believe how funny Cole Caufield is!

I don’t know how far away it is in your heads, but when Cole Caufield was injured, Martin St-Louis mentioned that the hardest thing for his club was not going to be replacing his goals – even though he scores a lot.

It would be to replace his positive attitude and smile.

All the guys who play or have played with him agree that the American, in life, is happy to be happy. Every day, he has a smile on his face and enjoys life.

Tyler Toffoli even mentioned that before everyone has finished their first cup of coffee, Caufield is already in a good mood.

All of which is to say that his attitude is well known among the Habs. We know that the young man is the token clown (I say that with all due respect, in the good sense of the word) and clearly, it makes an impression on the guys.

Kirby Dach, a young man who must have a lower rate of jokes per hour than Caufield, mentioned on the Empty Netters podcast just how funny Caufield is… all the time.

Basically, the striker mentions that Caufield often talks nonsense. Not everyone understands what he’s saying all the time, but hey. It’s a detail.

But the guy is so funny in what he says and how he says it that the guys often laugh along with him.

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on. We’re five minutes into a game and half the team is on the floor laughing their asses off. – Kirby Dach on Cole Caufield

Of course, this isn’t exactly a stunning revelation, since we know that Caufield has an infectious smile and a good sense of humor. We suspect that in the second half of the season, his absence undoubtedly created a big void in the dressing room.

But now, with revised expectations in Montreal and healthy guys, Caufield will be able to “show off” to more regulars than ever before. And until he proves otherwise, he’ll be doing so for (at least) eight years.

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