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Kirby Dach on the wing or in the middle: a personal trainer’s opinion on the subject
Last year, Kirby Dach moved from center to wing. When he was on the wing, it was often with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

The three of them played so well together that after a few games, it was settled in the eyes of many field hockey fans: the Canadiens had simply found their first trio for 15 years.

Of course, the debate isn’t that simple. After all, the center line is important, and if the big guy acquired from Chicago can be successful in such a vital position, he should be considered.

The CH wants him to play center, and he did so in the second half of the season. Injuries changed the CH’s plans, of course, but still: the club wanted to test him.

He responded well, even if it wasn’t as explosive as on the wing. That said, you know as well as I do that right now, the CH is thinking more about the long term than immediate results.

I believe that in early 2023-2024, Dach will play center. I don’t know who will be on the wing of the first trio (Josh Anderson is my prediction at the moment), but that could change.

Totu that to say that again this year, there will be a debate as to whether Dach should play center or wing. And clearly, it’s going to be the talk of the town.

That’s why Tim Turk was Tony Marinaro’s guest on the Sick Podcast yesterday, to talk about the Flanelle’s young forward.

Tim Turk is a skills coach who works with a number of NHL players. He helped Brendan Gallagher get to the NHL and he also works with Dach.

He was with him the day he was traded to Montreal last year, and in recent weeks has been working on #77’s shot. Turk specializes in player shots, as you can hear in his conversation with Marinaro.

Clearly, Dach has a fan in Turk. He really likes Dach’s desire to improve, which he considers above average for an NHL player.

Turk, who has worked with the Habs via Trevor Timmins in the past and who recently spoke with Marc Dumont about Dach, saw Tony Marinaro ask him (among other things) if he saw Dach as an up-and-coming scorer and if he saw him at center or wing.

Good questions for a guy who knows him.

It’s interesting to note that Turk believes the player can improve his shooting to become a much more formidable scorer. But above all, he sees him on the wing.

He’s excellent at separating the discus carrier from the puck. Seeing him go into the corners as a wingman could help. – Tim Turk

That doesn’t prevent him from having some reflexes as a center forward, but it’s true that this quality can help the Habs.

However, I still think that if he works on his potential as a center and improves his success rate in the face-off circle, Dach can really become a formidable center.

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