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Valérie Sardin and Jean-Luc Legendre leave their jobs at RDS
The Quebec media landscape is currently undergoing a great deal of change.

BPM Sports has announced its new schedule, and fans can look forward to the return of Stéphane Gonzalez alongside Georges Laraque.

Jean-Charles Lajoie will not be returning to Montreal’s 91.9 Sports, nor will Maxime Truman…

Dave Morissette is no longer with TVA Sports(he will be Rythme FM’s morning man ), nor is Andy Mailly-Pressoir…

JP Bertrand will no longer host a morning sports show, having announced the end of the La Dose podcast…

Réseau des Sports (RDS) has announced the departure of Mario Tremblay…

Anyway… If I went through them one by one, I’d probably have until next week. But these changes… They just keep coming.

Today, we learned that Valérie Sardin and Jean-Luc Legendre are leaving their jobs at RDS.

The former has been looking for a new professional challenge (with more standard hours) for a while. She worked in radio this summer, and would like to stay on.

The second is also making the leap into radio:

What we need to understand with the departure of Valérie Sardin and Jean-Luc Legendre…

It’s that two very “new” people at RDS are leaving for the world of general-interest radio. Are we witnessing a changing of the guard, as technology and social media allow sports fans to stay informed at all times, simply by surfing the web?

On that subject…

It’s fair to ask whether BPM Sports, which is returning to more of a news style this fall with the hiring of Paul Houde as the station’s morning man, is doing things the right way with its new news plan.

Because we all agree that news (sports and general) is consumed quickly on Facebook, Twitter (or X) and every other platform imaginable. These days, it’s easy to find out what’s going on in the world…

Just open your own phone and do a few simple searches for information of any kind. This is true in the world of sport, as it is in the world of politics and every other field imaginable.

It’s 2023, and technology is part of our lives more than ever. It’s a reality to which we have to conform… And unfortunately, it’s the media world that’s getting the short end of the stick.

In bursts

– I love his name.

– Indeed.

– Nice mentality.

He’s en fuego, Judge.

– Canada has a great lineup.

– Sick.

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