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Paul Byron is not yet ready to call time on his career
Every time I hear Paul Byron speak lately, it makes me sad.

It makes me sad because he’s not able to do what he loves right now, which is to play field hockey. The accumulation of injuries in recent years means that his body simply can’t keep up.

A bit like Carey Price, basically.

But if the goalie we loved so much in Montreal seems to have given up field hockey, it’s not the same thing with Ti-Paul, whom we also loved in town. We still love them, that said.

The forward, who answered Chris Nilan’s questions on the latest episode of the Knuckles Podcast, is aware that his career may be over…

But he doesn’t want to think that he’ll never get the chance to play professionally again. Paul Byron is optimistic that one day he’ll be able to stand up and “feel normal”…

And if that happens, he’s sure to strap on his skates and try to make a comeback.

If I lose hope, it goes against my values. I’m not there yet, mentally […] If someone told me I could play another 20-30 games, I’d try to sign a contract somewhere. – Paul Byron

But what’s difficult for him at the moment… It’s more the fact that the specialists and doctors they’re seeing aren’t giving him any positive signs for the future.

I can’t even imagine how tough it must be.

Byron isn’t ruling out a return to action, even if it’s somewhere other than the National Hockey League. As a reminder, he is currently entering the final year of his contract and will be as free as a bird next summer .

He’s aware that there will be plenty of opportunities in Europe if he feels ready to play… But therein lies the problem.

At least the main interested party has started to move again. I don’t know when the episode was filmed, but he claims at some point to have played softball the day before… Which allows him to get out and do activities.

One step at a time.

That said, if it is indeed time to retire… Byron has once again expressed his desire to become a coach. We know he was supposed to meet with the CH organization for a management position, but the diminutive forward really seems to want to focus on a coaching role.

He has the necessary qualities, the necessary experience and the necessary tools to become a good coach in the world of professional field hockey… And let’s add to this that his career path makes him an inspiration for any young player who wants to establish himself in the NHL.

All this to say that Paul Byron is still uncertain about his future. He hasn’t yet written off his career…

But he knows that his plans to return to the game may never see the light of day.

In brief

– Serves the Coyotes right.

– The Blue Shirts lineup is magnificent.

– With Auston Matthews’ new contract, the answer is no.

– New acquisition for the Sea Dogs.

– Damn.

– Absolutely. But his performance in the last match suggests he has what it takes to earn a starting spot.

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