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Valeri Nichushkin publishes photos of himself with gun in hand
In the last series, the Avalanche were eliminated in the very first round by the Seattle Kraken. It was surprising to see the defending champions fold so quickly, but there were still some notable absentees.

Among them was Valeri Nichushkin, who only played the first two games of the series. However, he didn’t miss the rest of the series through injury: it was because of a still very nebulous story that forced him to leave the team.

Anyway, even though we still don’t know exactly all the details of this story (and it could remain mysterious for quite some time), we were still wondering how the Russian was doing. He was spotted in Russia earlier this summer, but that was all rather brief.

Now we have news about the player, who posted a story on Instagram today.

The problem is that the photos published are not exactly unanimous, as he is seen with a firearm in his hand.

And clearly, we’re not talking about a simple pistol: it appears to be a machine gun.

On the same photo, the player wrote the word “Romance” (in Russian), a message that testifies to his love for firearms. It’s worth noting that a second photo is present, where the gun in question is in the hands of another person (whom he obviously considers a brother considering the presence of the word “Brothers”) but on which he is also present.

Clearly, Gary Bettman must not be particularly pleased to see this today. Remember that in the NBA, a similar situation earned Ja Morant a 25-game suspension, when a video showing him with a gun in his hands was circulated on social networks.

Does the same fate await Nichushkin? The question remains.

In short, once again, the Avalanche forward isn’t getting attention for the right reasons. And clearly, I’m thinking that Avalanche management must not think it’s funny, especially since he still has seven years left on his contract at $6.125 million a year.

In bursts

– Let’s hope he’s one of the CH’s players.

– The competition is weak.

– Sad news.

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