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It was Mullett Arena that prompted Jason Zucker to sign for Arizona

Last year, seeing the Coyotes play in Mullett Arena didn’t necessarily help build a favorable reputation for the organization. After all, we’re talking about a 5,000-seat arena, which is a far cry from NHL standards.

It may be touted as a temporary solution, but the long-term plan is murky at best.

On the other hand, even if fans aren’t necessarily unanimous about it, there are some players who clearly didn’t hate the experience. One such player is Jason Zucker, who played for the Pittsburgh Penguins last season.

How do I know that? It’s pretty simple: he bluntly stated that Mullett Arena was one of the reasons he signed with the Coyotes this summer.

Our colleagues at HabsolumentFan also reported the news today.

Clearly, the January 8 meeting left its mark on Zucker, who was visiting Arizona with his Penguins. He says his team members, himself included, enjoyed the experience. In fact, he liked it so much that he texted his father immediately after the game to tell him all about it.

He likes the club’s management and the up-and-coming youngsters, but the arena seems to have been an important element in attracting him to Arizona.

And in reality, I can understand that it may have a certain appeal (the weather is nice and there’s a certain proximity to the fans), but it’s still a college field hockey arena. It seems to me that it must be a little less motivating for the players when so few people are in the arena.

Especially since tickets aren’t cheap either.

That said, if Zucker enjoyed his experience, good for him: it’s still good news to see the Coyotes able to attract autonomous players in any way.

It’s just a little surprising that a 5,000-seat arena was a big selling point, but hey: all the better if it helps the Coyotes, I guess.

In gusto

– Victor Mete is one hell of a Puckdoku player. He didn’t even pick himself for the Montreal/Toronto slot,either.

– Too bad.

– It’s still impressive.

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