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Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson’s turn at the CH Hockey School
Every year, the CH Hockey School is all the rage, especially among young teenagers. The school is a development camp for youngsters from Novice to Bantam, giving them the chance to meet, learn from and talk to Habs players.

All these factors add up to create unforgettable memories.

Carey Price went for a ride yesterday and Juraj Slafkovsky, who attended this camp nearly 10 years ago, is one of the coaches.

Today, it was the turn of two other players, Nick Suzuki and Josh Anderson, to pay a visit to the young field hockey players.

Youngsters wearing the team’s retro powder-blue vest on the ice were able to give a hand to the Tricolore’s two forwards. And after practice, I’m sure they asked for autographs and took photos with them.

Suzuki and Anderson continue to prove that they are leaders in Montreal. Especially since he was named captain, 14 doesn’t take the role lightly. And even though he’s on vacation during the summer, he’s available for everyone and his presence in the community is felt.

He can also be seen at a number of Montreal events, including the Luke Combs show and the Lasso festival.

In Anderson’s case, even if he doesn’t have a letter on his vest, he’s one of the team’s undisputed leaders. He’s signed a huge contract, and if he’s going to be in Montreal for a long time, he might as well get involved with the youngsters, right?

Speaking of 17, will he become an assistant to Nick Suzuki next season? With Joel Edmundson’s departure, an “A” remains vacant, and in my eyes, he’s still a good candidate.

As for the CH’s development camp, it ends tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see if any more players will go and delight the young skaters on this final day of a very popular camp.

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