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Jake Allen’s foundation raises $50,000 to help young people in 2023
Credit: Screenshot : Twitter
In 2016, Jake Allen and Shannon (his wife) founded a non-profit organization.

Basically, the organization, which is called “Program 34”, aims to “reduce barriers to sports participation among youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in Quebec and New Brunswick”.

This is a superb initiative for families who are unable to provide the necessary requirements for their respective children to be able to participate in sport. We agree that it’s a great project…

And we’re making it happen with the money raised to help these families. The foundation was able to raise $50,000 to provide for the needs of young people in 2023… And since its inception in 2016, the “Program 34” organization has raised over $540,000 to help young people and families in need.

Hats off to them!

Jake Allen is a team player.

Even though Samuel Montembeault seems to have passed him in the CH hierarchy at the goaltending position, the veteran keeps the same spirit. He’s open to helping Samuel Montembeault establish himself as the NHL’s number one goaltender…

And that, one way or another, says a lot about Jake Allen as a person.

I always have the same thought when I see players get involved in a community in this way. They don’t have to do that… But I so respect the fact that they’re taking the time to support the relief team of tomorrow.

It’s important… And their simple presence has the potential to change the life of a little boy or girl. It’s not given to just anyone, thinking of others…

But it’s still refreshing, especially since the gesture comes from an athlete who earns millions of dollars annually.

In brief

– Still…

– He needs to give more.

– Absolutely.

– The Williams family is growing.

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