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Martin Leclerc will not be returning to BPM Sports

I’ll be honest with you: I love Martin Leclerc’s work. Whether in print for Radio-Canada or in audio with BPM Sports or Sortie de zone, I always find his analysis to be highly relevant and thoughtful.

In my eyes, he’s a standard-setter in the field.

This morning, however, BPM Sports issued a press release outlining its schedule for the upcoming season. And what we noticed was that the journalist was not one of the contributors mentioned.

And since he’s a popular guy, that caused quite a stir.

So, we wondered if it was a simple oversight or if it meant he wouldn’t be back.

And now, in the last few minutes, Leclerc has confirmed that we won’t be able to hear him on the station this year. He explained that he had been unable to reach agreement with the station on a contract, and that he also had a book to write this fall.

This is a very big loss for Martin Lemay’s comeback show. We know that Leclerc was one of his most popular contributors, and his departure will create a big hole.

Mathias Brunet, Bob Hartley, Martin Biron, André Tourigny and Steve Bégin are great options too (and have been confirmed for next season), but it’s a shame Leclerc isn’t one of them.

The good news is that we may still be able to read him with Radio-Canada, and we should be able to hear him on the podcast Sortie de zone. He’s not disappearing from the media landscape, just from BPM Sports.

Sad news, then, and we’ll see if the other contributors can fill his absence. Stay tuned.

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