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Sunwing’s vaporizer approached two CH players at the Lasso Festival

When I say “Sunwing’s vapoteuse”, it rings a lot of bells with Internet users.

For those who don’t make the reference, there was a scandal on a Sunwing flight with several influencers on board.

Several influencers were drinking heavily, and some even brought alcohol onto the plane.

One influencer on board, named Vanessa Sicotte (vanessa.cosi on social networks), made headlines on this turbulent flight in every sense.

She was “smoking” an electronic vaporizer during the flight.

For more information, watch the report below.

The vaporizer can be seen at the beginning of the video.

Sicotte is also studying piloting, which earned her a “skit” on the popular Bye Bye 2022 show.

You can watch the sketch right here.

A really good joke, to be honest.

Now, the influencer continues to offer content to her subscribers, and she’s now offering it on the OnlyFans platform too.

On August 18 and 19, the Lasso Country Festival took place in Montreal, and Vanessa Sicotte took the opportunity to approach two Montreal Canadiens players.

Logan Mailloux and Arber Xhekaj were both wearing cowboy hats, of course.

Maxime Truman doesn’t believe she went through official channels.

Vanessa Sicotte recently moved to Mexico, but she continues to tour Quebec, as she did for the Lasso Festival this weekend.

She’s still the talk of the town for all sorts of reasons, and it looks like that’s her plan.

As the old saying goes, “Speak well of it, speak ill of it, but speak well of it.”

She could have asked other CH players, as several of the organization’s players were present at the festival.

Of all those present, two thrilled the crowd, and it wasn’t because of the influencer.

Captain Nick Suzuki and Arber Xhekaj took to the stage, and that’s all it took to get the Montrealers on their feet.

The Lasso Festival seems to have been a great success, and it’s the kind of event where some CH players like to spend their summer.

To find out what was said during Vanessa Sicotte’s two interviews, you’ll have to stay tuned on her social media (vanessa.cosi).


– Not to be missed.

– What a performance.

– He’s only one carousel away.

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